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FBI Applicant Services

Fingerprint Services

FBI U.S. ELECTRONIC DEPARTMENTAL ORDER 556-73 (EDO) offers one of the largest Live Scan fingerprint locations network in the United States. This website is powered by Biometrics4ALL’s infrastructure that has successfully processed over 6 million Live Scan fingerprinting transactions and continues to process approximately 1 million applicants annually. This website ensures the most accurate, secure, and expeditious Live Scan fingerprinting processing.

As an FBI Authorized Channeler accredited with 100% CJIS Security Compliance by the FBI CJIS Security Auditors, we operate the industry’s only fully encrypted infrastructure specifically designed to protect your sensitive personal information.

Our Live Scan solutions are utilized by over 3,000 agencies around the world in 4 continents and 20 countries.

Attaining FBI Background Check Authenticated PDF (with FBI Seal) FBI Criminal History Reports using Departmental Order 556-73.

Can be printed and used to complete the Apostille process.

Authorized purposes include:

  • Personal Review, Correct, or Challenge

  • Court-Related Purposes

  • Live, Work, or Travel in Foreign Country

  • Adopt A Child

  • Attorney Review

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