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Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Fingerprint Services


Section 17f-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 | Investment Broker-Dealers | Funding Portals | Capital Acquisition Brokers | Capital Acquisition Brokers | Individual Registration | Qualification Exams

As a FINRA approved live scan vendor, you can get your fingerprints taken at our location with minimum wait time. You will be able to enter transaction data, schedule an appointment, pay for the fingerprinting service with a credit card, receive appointment reminders, print forms, and monitor your transaction progress. Most FINRA clearances will be completed in hours! In the event we do not offer a Live scan service center near you, we can process inked fingerprint cards.

Our Live Scan infrastructure has successfully processed over 7 million applicants, and it is the industry’s only fully encrypted solution designed to protect your identity information. Our rejection rate is substantially lower than the industry average which means faster FINRA clearances.

If you are a Brokerage Firm or a large organization in need of centrally managed services, consolidated monthly billing, access to hundreds of fingerprinting locations nationwide, customized data collection, and a dedicated custom website, please contact us to learn more!

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