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Why Practitioners Choose Us

Superior Product Quality

As a healthcare professional, you can recommend Patient One™ MediNutritionals with complete confidence. Brought to you by MediNutritionals Research, Patient One is a model of excellence in supplement creation, quality control, and quality assurance.

Our supplements are extensively tested through all facets of manufacturing–from raw materials through finished products–to ensure they are safe, potent, and pure. We value our reputation for superior quality, and we know that you will too.

Patient One provides:

  • 25 years of product development and manufacturing expertise

  • Science-based formulations featuring many patented ingredients backed by research and clinical evidence

  • Rigorously tested, quality-confirmed products

Formulations Designed for Compliance and Results

  • Expertly developed by nutritionists, scientists and medical clinicians

  • Our Advisory Board of qualified, practicing clinicians contributes their expertise in our formulations

  • Nutrient form selection is focused on maximizing stability, bioavailability and absorption

  • Proprietary multi-function blends simplify nutrition and compliance for your patients

Ingredient Selection: Outcomes You Seek for Your Patients

  • Formulated with today’s leading, research-supported ingredients

  • Strengths and dosing consistent with levels used in positive clinical studies

  • Combinations of synergistic nutrients for maximum health benefits

Eight allergenic foods are believed to be responsible for 90% of food allergic reactions: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. We take care to avoid common food allergens wherever possible to make our supplements suitable for sensitive patients. We also strive to avoid yeast-derived ingredients. All ingredients are disclosed, so if it is not listed on our label, is is not in our product.

Look for the GLUTEN FREE, VEGETARIAN, and NON-GMO symbols as you view our products to easily identify a product’s status.

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