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Fingerprinting Services

LiveScan Labs offers fingerprinting services at our Pembroke Park, Florida location. With state-of-the-art technology, we provide accurate and efficient fingerprinting for various purposes. Our streamlined process ensures convenience and reliability for all our clients' needs.


Trust LiveScan Labs as your trusted partner for all health and testing needs in Pembroke Park, Florida.

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All Fingerprinting Services

Hard Copy - 258

  By Appointment Only

Obtain a hard copy of your fingerprinting report, containing all pertinent details and identification information.

Live Scan

  By Appointment Only

Visit a certified facility for a secure Livescan fingerprinting process, providing accurate identification records instantly.


  By Appointment Only

Arrange fingerprinting services in another state to meet specific legal or employment requirements as necessary.

FBI Applicant Services

  By Appointment Only

Use FBI applicant services for fingerprinting in compliance with federal background check procedures and regulations.

(Financial Industry Regulation Authority)

  By Appointment Only

Access FIRA-related fingerprinting services for compliance purposes, ensuring accurate documentation and legal adherence.

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