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All Health and Testing Services

Lab Testing

  By Appointment Only

Stay proactive about your health with comprehensive lab tests for early detection and prevention of potential issues.

DNA Testing

  By Appointment Only

Explore ancestry, reveal health risks, and personalize wellness with comprehensive genetic testing services.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

  By Appointment Only

Take control of your health journey by ensuring a clean and sober lifestyle for optimal well-being.

Vitamin B-12 Injections

  By Appointment Only

Boost your energy levels, mood, and metabolism with a revitalizing Vitamin B12 injection for lasting vitality.


  By Appointment Only

Enhance your wellness routine with high-quality supplements tailored to support your unique health goals and needs.

Holistic Weight Loss

  By Appointment Only

Holistic weight loss fosters sustainable wellness by addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

Health Services and Testing

LiveScan Labs Health Services and Testing in Pembroke Park, Florida, provides accessible and comprehensive health solutions directly to the public, eliminating the need for a physician's prescription.


From health tests to DNA analysis, drug testing, and fingerprinting, we cater to diverse needs. Our commitment to quality and affordability, backed by cutting-edge technology, ensures peace of mind for our clients.


Trust LiveScan Labs as your trusted partner for all health and testing needs in Pembroke Park, Florida.

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