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Personalized Care

LiveScan Labs offers personalized attention and care to older adults, taking the time to understand their unique needs, preferences, and medical history, and tailoring testing and support services accordingly.

Medical Expertise

LiveScan Labs prides itself on its team's expertise and experience in handling tests relevant to older adults, with a focus on geriatric care and tailored testing options for age-related health concerns.


LiveScan Labs prioritizes reliability and accuracy in their testing processes, adhering to stringent quality control measures and delivering consistently accurate results.


LiveScan Labs promotes affordability and transparency by offering transparent pricing, affordable testing options, and clarity regarding insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.

Don't disregard
your own health concerns

Find solutions to your health with LiveScan Labs 

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Most Popular Health Services

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Lab Tests
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Alcohol & Drug Testing
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DNA Testing
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Vitamin B-12 Injections

For maintaining a healthy human body

LiveScan Labs provides B-12 injections, a vital component for maintaining optimal health. Our injections offer numerous benefits, including increased energy levels, improved metabolism, enhanced mood, and support for nerve and brain function.

Trust in our expertise to boost your well-being with safe and effective B-12 supplementation.
Vitamin B-12 Injections
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Holistic Weight Loss

For supporting a healthy human body

Discover holistic weight loss solutions at LiveScan Labs. Our tailored approach focuses on comprehensive wellness, addressing energy levels, metabolism, mood, and nerve/brain support for your optimal well-being.

Trust LiveScan Labs to help you get and maintain the healthy body that you have always hoped of having.
Holistic Weight Loss
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Insurance and Self-Pay


LiveScan Labs is a consumer-focused laboratory providing direct services to the public, allowing individuals to access testing without the need for a physician's prescription. Our mission is to enhance accessibility to healthcare by empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health.


Whether you prefer to walk in or schedule an appointment, our facility in Pembroke Park, Florida, offers a range of services including health tests, DNA analysis, drug testing, fingerprinting, and certification classes such as HHA, CPR, BLS, and ACLS.


We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service at affordable rates, supported by cutting-edge technology and located conveniently in Pembroke Park, Florida.


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Fingerprinting Services

Services for ID's, registrations, and more

LiveScan Labs offers comprehensive fingerprinting services utilizing state-of-the-art technology, ensuring fast and accurate results for various purposes such as employment background checks, professional licensing, volunteer screening, and more. Our trained professionals provide convenient solutions with strict confidentiality protocols, catering to individual and organizational needs with reliability and efficiency. 

Trust LiveScan Labs for hassle-free, reliable services backed by years of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.
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Course Training

Certified training approved by the American Heart Association (AHA)
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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Basic Life Support
First Aid
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Support Services

Background Checks

  By Appointment Only

Get peace of mind with our thorough background checks, ensuring accuracy and reliability every time.


  By Appointment Only

Secure your documents with our reliable notary services for peace of mind and legal assurance.


"LiveScan Labs offers unbeatable service to get fingerprinting and background check done easy and quick. I called them and was able to schedule appointment for next day in my office in Boca Raton. Val was professional, pleasant, and quick. It took him 20 minutes and everything was taken care of. I highly recommend LiveScan Labs!"

Kristina G.

"I recommend this office 100% satisfied. Galina is very professional, follows all protocols, kind, compassionate, considerate, humble. Also, she has many other great services available. I love the fact that she is an experienced RN. She even follows up with you the very next day; after your blood work. To make sure you’re okay and will answer any questions you may have. Plus, her office is immaculately clean. I will only go to her for CPR courses and lab work from now on. So, glad I found her!"

Lessette L.

"I am a nursing student and came here last year to do multiple immunizations and a 10 panel drug screening. Not only was this place clean and professional, the staff went above and beyond to show me they were friendly but also serious about their work. I do not recommend any other place! I came here again, this year, yesterday to be exact, and got my results literally the next day! The people and place were friendly, clean, and professional. Absolutely recommend this place to everyone."

Helene C.

"My experience has and continues to be excellent with Live Scan Labs. The level of professionalism, expert attention to detail and very positive results in all the services I have and am currently receiving. The details, support, on going during appointments, after appointments, it is a concierge approach that has helped achieve where I am today on my transformation journey with the polished, professional, expert RN GR, I highly recommend Live Scan Labs and have referred our health care employees for all their services. From CPR, fingerprints, and analysis, weight management, and so much more. I look forward to continuing and partnering with Live Scan Labs on an on going basis."

Desirre D.

"Had a great experience getting a CPR card. Everything went well and Galina went over all the required material and made me easily understand everything. It was fast and easy and affordable too. Will be back here for renewal in a few years."

Joshua B.

"Val and Galina are very helpful and intelligent people. They provide really good service. I was interested in B12 shots and CPR classes for my scuba diving. They helped me a lot. I definitely would recommend this place for the quickest and good quality service!"

Blode M.

"I had very successful weight loss experience. Galina is extremely helpful and sweet. She invests a lot of time in her client’s achievements and will hold your hand all the way. You will be very pleased with the results, trust me. At the same time she will hold you accountable for all the 'forbidden' stuff you might consider eating while on the program. I also did some energy shots and got some shakes that they sell, both were great."

Natalia B.

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